Tex Strap

  • Tex Strap is a planner structure consisting of a core of high tenacity polyester yarn tendons encased in a polymer sheath. The strips are suitable for reinforcement applications in combination with the concrete wall-facing panels.
  • The high tenacity polyester is the load-bearing element, while the sheath protects the yarns from installation damage and degradation.
  • The composition and thickness of the sheath for the Tex Strap are specifically engineered to provide a high level of dimensional stability and protection from weathering and exceptional resistance to installation damage.
  • Polymer sheath is resistant to physical, chemical, and biological conditions found in reinforced soil structures. 
  • Tex Strap is tried and tested in the world offering 120-year of design life and high performance.

Although they are considered extensible, the durability and strength characteristics of the Tex Strap exhibit inextensible behavior for easy installation.


  1.  High Degree of frictional interaction with the fill resulting in high pullout resistance.
  2. High-strength Tex Strap exhibits less extensibility than typical geogrid.
  3. Tex Strap connection to precast-facing panels is simple, quick, and requires no tools.
  4. Resistant to chemicals, micro-organisms, UV radiation, and mechanical damages.
  5. High tensile strength and modulus, low creep having a design life of 120 years
  6. Customizable tensile strength as per the end user’s requirement.
  7. It is easy to transport and use due to its lightweight feature.