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We have the most advanced european fully-automated state of the art Non-Woven Geo Textile manufacturing facility.

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We use raw materials from top manufacturers around the world and are committed to supplying quality Non-Woven Geo Textiles.


We have been supplying to Govt. projects & all major infrastructure companies in India.

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Who we are ?

Texcore Textile providing quality and perfection in all its product. Constantly aiming for total customer satisfaction, we have carved a special niche for ourselves in this highly competitive industry. We are an acclaimed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of premium  quality of non woven Geo textile, Geo Bags, Geo Tubes, Drain Cells, Grass Pavers, Geo-composite, Drain Board/ Protection Board, Geo textile Bag, Mattress felt & all type of Industrial felts meant for various industrial purposes. These products find wide application in the Infrastructure, Mattress, Automobile, filtration, pharma and chemical industry etc.
Application Area


Geo Textiles are widely used for Soil Stabilisation to support heavy axle loads.


Non-Woven Geo Textiles are used in all Major Waterproofing Projects to increase the durability of Waterproofing Coating.


Geo Textile is widely used for Reinforcement, Filtration and Separation of layer from sub grade layer, important for the road and highway projects.


Geo Textiles along with Geo Grid are widely used under Railway Tracks to provide Stabilization & Reinforcement.


Tunnel Lining & Provide Excellent Drainage of Water into the side ditches

Land Fill & Canal

Non-Woven Geo Textiles are used along with Geo Membranes for Landfill & Canal Lining for Drainage of Water.

RE Wall

Geo Composites are used in RE wall as a Drainage / Filter Media.

Mattress & Furniture's

Non Woven felt is used as reinforced layer to provide desire strength and durability in mattress and furniture

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of Geosynthetic products