Geo Tubes

Geo tubes are monolithic-tubular containers fabricated by multiple pieces of highly engineered synthetic woven/nonwoven fabrics. In order to form flexible mass-gravity hydraulic structures for coastal protection including seawalls, dunes, breakwaters, groins and revetments, etc. These are hydraulically filled with sand/water slurry by pump, dredger or funnel. During and after the filling process, the water dissipates through the fabric, while the sand can be retained within the geotextile tubes and become the main composition of the structures.

Geotextile tubes are usually installed at sites with the usage of locally sourced materials, so a great amount of costly materials and transportation works are reduced. Therefore, it is suggested that building hydraulic structures with geotextile tubes be a more efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly method than using traditional concrete or stones. Moreover, the structures made of geotextile tubes are flexible, so they can offer excellent water current resistance. Regular sizes are made in 20 and 30Mtrs of Length with Diameter of 2.29Mtrs and 3Mtrs. We can make any size as per customer Specifications .

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